Whether you just met with your child’s teacher, observed your child doing homework, or your child has brought it up; you have recently discovered that your child is struggling with reading (or maybe learning for the first time) and you aren’t sure what to do next. Luckily, there are several things you can do. The best option just depends on you and your child. Here is a review of 3 different approaches you can take to helping your child learn to read:Family Reading

  1. Parent Instruction
    • Pros: cheap, get to spend time with your child, you know how your child is doing
    • Cons: requires a large time investment, can cause friction between you and your child, you may lack know-how
  2. Reading Tutors
    • Pros: trained to teach reading, child may cooperate better with tutor than parent (depending on child)
    • Cons: expensive, child might not get along with tutor; can be a gamble (some tutors are really helpful and know how to teach reading, others lack experience and know-how)
  3. Reading Software

RH SoftwareFYI: Reading Horizons offers both a software program and parent instruction manuals for teaching your child to read. The program has been used in schools for over 26 years and has been proven highly effective in remediating reading problems for children that struggle with reading (including students with learning disabilities and dyslexia). Learn more ›