A good majority of us would say that we are visual people. It is a safe assumption to make when statistics say that on average you will spend 2 minutes longer on this post because it has viewable video on it. Now, you might think this is unfortunate for a  blog whose main focus is on reading.  The truth is, video can be a very effective tool to help instruct someone on effective reading strategies  as well as inspire others of its importance.

In this blog post I want to introduce you to our YouTube channel and give you some of the videos and playlists I’ve found helpful from it: A Strategy for Teaching Students with Processing Disorders, Teaching Reading Tips Playlist (has 34 instructional videos), Dyslexia Help for Parents Playlist (has 14 instructional videos), and an In Your Own Backyard video of a young woman who struggles with reading.

This first video will show you just why Reading Horizons and this blog is so passionate about multi-sensory learning. Pay attention to what Shantell says about the Feedback Loop.

As you go through this Teaching Tip Playlist search for a topic you don’t know about. I hope this helps to make you aware of some things you did not know you did not know! =)

Reading Instruction is made even more difficult when you have a child with a learning disadvantage such as dyslexia. This Dyslexia Help Playlist gives helpful knowledge and instruction for parents who have a dyslexic child.

Finally, here is an inspiring video of a young woman who has overcome her struggles with dyslexia by embracing her very visual mind.

I hope you've taken away something from these videos and if you are interested in looking into more stop by our YouTube channel!