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ESL Say Program

Well, I thought it was nice of your company to provide the ESL Say program for free download, until I found out that all consonant sounds are being demonstrated as VOICED. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!! What a mistake. You really need to correct this program because you are essentially teaching INCORRECT pronunciation of the consonant sounds (including some of the blends). Sincerely, A Concerned Teacher



This is an important issue. We actually have both options on the ESL say, with or without the schwa. For fluency, it was originally decided that pronouncing the consonant with the schwa (which makes them voiced since it is essentially a short /u/ sound and all vowels are voiced) was best. Some also feel that pronouncing consonants with the schwa make for a clearer more distinguishable sound. Some prefer pronouncing them without the schwa, which would keep those voiceless consonants voiceless. We have both options so that you can choose on the software but for the online version I believe it is only with the schwa. This program also addresses this by putting every consonant with a vowel into a slide, which is ideal for correct pronunciation and fluency since we really do not ever pronounce a consonant in isolation. It sounds like you would prefer to not use the schwa, so that is something I could explain to you by email or phone how to change. Hope this helps. Shantell


Thanks for putting the non-schwa version of ESL Say on your website, which distinguishes clearly between voiced and voiceless consonants. It appears to be exactly what I expected to hear, and it is a more accurate representation of the true pronunciation of English sounds. Many thanks. Guest

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