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Kindergarten vs. Elementary Materials...what's included/needed?

I homeschool my sons. One son is in 1st grade and is just starting your program. My other son will be in K5 next year and will begin your program then. My question is as I'm reading your teacher manuals...having bought the Intensive Phonics Software and Materials Combo states that there is a seperate Kindergarten Essentials Manual, posters and reverse listening cards. I was under the impression from your website, that this program I bought would work for age 4 - 9 year olds. However, It's more like 1st grade up since the above K materials about are not included. I don't see on your website anywhere to purchase these items either. So my question do I make this work for my K5 student next year without the Kindergarten materials? I am very excited to start using your program as it seems to be what I've been looking for. I hope that I truely can use it for all my kids to learn to read. Look forward to hearing back your reply. Thanks! Guest



Hi. We do have a separate Sound Essentials Manual for kindergarten age, but it actually is just a shortened version of the one you already have. We only take the kindergarten students through the blends, so they only need the activity pages that correlate with those lessons. So you actually have everything that comes in the kindergarten kit, but also the rest of the program. The reason we don't offer it separately on our home use site is that the parents will eventually want the rest of the program as their children get older, but a kindergarten teacher will only need those particular materials. The posters are just smaller for our home use, but you do have all of them. The kindergarten Reverse Listening Cards are just fewer words in bigger font with lines. If that is something you would like, you can call in and order those over the phone. They are essentially the same words you have on the ones you received in the kit. You really do have everything you need to work with all of your kids! Please let us know if you have any other questions or need help getting started. Good luck! Shantell


Thanks so much for helping me understand what was going on. I went on the CD that comes with the TE and found the Kindergarten practice sheets, mastery sheets and most common words lists. It was confusing to me the way it was worded in the TE as that I thought were not included. It made me think I would need other things to make it work for my K5 son. I'll deal without the Names & Sounds Poster and I'll just print from the CD for the other things I need. I'm really excited to get started. Another question.... In the picture of what is included in our materials and also on pg 22 of TE it talks about a Decoding Skills Poster. That was not included in my materials. Was that supposed to be or not? Thanks again for all your help. Can't wait to see how my kids learn to love reading and writing with the help of this program. Guest

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