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Phonetic Skill #4 - words with the vowel e and the silent e

Hello, I am looking for some more examples of words with the vowel e that follow Phonetic Skill#4 with the silent e at the end. In the teacher's manual I have only been able to find a few proper names (Pete, Steve, Gene). Nothing else. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Amy



Hello Amy. I am not sure which manual you have but in the Intermediate and Adult Manual Lesson 37 has numerous examples of words that follow phonetic skill four. There is also a Phonetic Skill #4 Word Bank listed on page 345 in that manual. Here are some of the examples listed: lake, state, crude, snipe, bone, time, bite, lone, rake, smile, kite, pride, home, probe, flake, slime, flame, glade, cape, tone, lime, stake, and smoke. Shantell


Thanks for your reply. I have the 3rd edition for Teens & Adults and Lesson 37 does have an extensive word bank but not many words that are specifically with the vowel e in the middle. There are may with the vowels a, i, o and even u in the middle but hardly any at all with the vowel e in the middle. Those are the silent e words I am looking for. Thanks! Amy


Hi Amy. I'm sorry I misunderstood your first post. I will have to spend some time looking for more silent 'e' words with the vowel 'e' in the middle. I believe you are right, there are not a lot. When 'e' is the vowel sound and it is long within a word it appears to more often follow Phonetic Skill #5 with adjacent vowels 'ee' and 'ea'. I will keep you posted! Shantell

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