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Reading Horizons or Barton Reading

Hi, My 7 year old is having alot of problems with reading and comprehension and thus spelling. My pediatrician advised using a Orton-Gillingham tutor. I have just purchased level 1 of the Barton Reading system and am waiting for it to arrive. I see that this program is Orton-Gillingham based also. Would anyone know, is this program set up the same way as Barton? Should I use this in conjunction with Barton or in lieu of Barton? Any opinions?? Also, I see that there are different programs, the software: one with a CD, books, online workshop and one with Teachers Manual, etc., and one with both. My question is: Is the software version an stand alone teaching program? What is the difference between the software version and the Teachers version? Are you able to print out any work sheets with the software or is that only with the Teachers version? Thanks in advance. Guest



I can only offer advice based on my personal experience. My son began with the software only (at home version ) a year ago. He was then a 3rd grade student reading on a 1st grade level at 17 wpm. He struggled significantly with both reading and spelling. I had enrolled him with a Cyber Charter School to allow me to work one on one with him. We supplemented the curriculum with the software each day. It requires an average of 30 minutes per day and we only used it on week days. This could be done on the evening after school as well. The results were amazing. Within 2 weeks he was reading on the first grade level @ 47 wpm and by 6 month he was reading on the early 3rd grade level. This fall he was tested on a 4th grade reading through his school and even though he is still not a speedy reader he could read it without the struggles we saw only a year earlier. I researched for many hours in an effort to help my child as well. I looked at Barton. It seemed like a great program except the price and need for hours of training. That put it out of reach for me. I can tell you that with the software program the tutor comes with the price. And the extra worksheets for practice can be downloaded from the reading horizons at home website under FREE resources. We used a lot of them. But even without them, the games that are also available in the younger version are truly amazing. My son loved them and played for hours. He came to look forward to his time on this software each day. The really amazing thing about them is that they parallel the lessons. As the student completes a new concept the games increase in the things that are covered as well. I also sat with my son while he did his lessons. By doing that we had both learned this method of looking at words. I then was able to reinforce it while we read together and while we did spelling lists. He then could think through how and why a word should be spelled a certain way. He spelling has improved tremedously as well. I hope this helps you in making the best decission for your daughter. Good luck on this adventure. Tracy


I would also like to see a more direct answer, since we are also looking into barton. Have you started barton yet? Do you like it?


I also looked into both programs and ended up with Barton levels 1-3. My third grader just finished 3rd level and went from 18 wpm to 48 wpm through using these three over a years time. Since he has severe Dyslexia and auditory proccessing disorder we are trying to decide if we should move him up to level four or reinforce what he has already learned with another OG approach like reading horizons. My son really needed the hands on too abstract parts of the Barton system. Let me know which program you ended up with and what difference it has made. Thanks. Guest

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