Phonics Games and Activities

Sample these phonics activities and games. Learning to read can be fun!

Pizza Pizza

Phonics Activity: Pizza PizzaThis phonics activity exercises students' memory by allowing them to match words with pictures in order to remove pepperoni from the pizza. Each pepperoni has a picture or a corresponding word, and the students must use their memory to find a match.
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Phonics Game: Dynamite!Students use dynamite to blast away a mining claim, looking for golden letters that will eventually form words in this phonics game. When students blast open a letter, they will be given the opportunity to guess the word, if they choose, or to continue blasting away.
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Whack a Word

Phonics Activity: Whack a WordThose darn moles are taking over the field! In this phonics game, the only way to stop them is to (whack) the moles holding the correct letters to spell out the given word. Students are able to spell many different words using a variety of reading skills.
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River Run

Phonics Game: River RunJack the Rabbit needs help crossing the river. Students will help him jump to logs that use a specific reading skill. Once Jack reaches the vegetables on the other side of the river, he will dance for the students.
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Letter Leap

Phonics Activity: Letter LeapStudents help Mr. Frog hop on lily pads to correctly spell a missing word from a given sentence. Students will be given hints along the way to help spell the word correctly.
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Tomb Reader

Phonics Game: Tomb Reader Using a flashlight, students search a hidden scroll to find words that follow a specific reading skill. In this phonics game, they will be able to mark the correct words and will be rated for how well they performed the task.
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