Homeschool Reading Curriculum

You know your child best and you know what they need to succeed. This is why the Reading Horizons At-Home homeschool reading curriculum is completely customizable.

The skills taught and the method are good for everyone to go through. The program helps improve reading, spelling, fluency and comprehension.

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Watch what Shantell Berrett, mom of a struggling reader, has to say about using Reading Horizons At-Home for homeschool.

The computer software evolves and changes based on how your child responds to the program and the chapter assessments. Because of this, the pacing of the program is different for each child. The software moves at a pace that is optimal for maximizing your child's success—keeping him/her motivated and engaged throughout the program. 

You can also take individualization to a whole new level by using the instructor materials. These manuals are scripted for you to be able to teach the reading curriculum one-on-one with your child.

To ensure you are comfortable teaching, we offer you free Reading Horizons At-Home reading curriculum training. This is the same training that teachers pay hundreds of dollars for, and we offer it to you for free. Visit the reading workshop and get started now!

The computer software and the instructor materials can be used separately or in tandum for optimal results.

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