Teaching reading in your homeschool

Become your family reading expert.

For you to become the reading expert in your family, the best thing you can do is to go through a free reading workshop.

In the reading workshop you will learn how to teach:

  • The 42 sounds of the alphabet
  • 5 simple phonetic skills
  • 2 decoding skills

These skills are learned through an explicit, systematic, and multi-sensory approach that is based on Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction. Research shows that learning how to teach a program with these qualities is essential. The reading workshop empowers you as the parent to know how to teach the foundational skills of reading. The workshop can take 6-hours to complete, however you can pause and come back and go through it at your own pace. 

At the end of the training you will receive a certificate certifing that you have been trained in the Reading Horizons methodology.

Hear what Shantell Berret, mother of a struggling reader has to say about the reading workshop.

As a homeschool mom, once you have complete the reading workshop you are armed with the tools you need to be your family reading expert. Now you are prepared to use direct instruction materials to teach your homeschoolers reading during your reading curriculum session. The instructor materials include:

  • Teacher’s Manual (six volumes divided by chapter for grades k-3; the first two chapters for Kindergarten, the remaining four for grades 1-3) – scripted material to help you teach your child through direct instruction


  • 132 Transfer Cards to help students practice and reinforce decoding skills
  • Six Wall Posters for student reference
  • Games Supplement includes high-engagement, differentiated reading worksheet activities for each lesson
  • Little Books sample set (five little books) help a students transfer decoding skills to connected text