Homeschool Reading Worksheets

In order to emphasize skills being taught during your homeschool reading time, worksheets are a great way to give your child more practice. Being able to put pencil to paper can make learning for your child more multi-sensory. These Reading Horizons worksheets are free for you to use and print at your lesiure. Some of the reading worksheets require some knowledge in the Reading Horizons method, but others are generic enough for anyone to use. Feel free to share with your friends and enjoy!

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Elevate Reading Worksheets (for ages 10 and above)

Enrichment Reading Activities

Games and Activities

Alphabet Cards - Lower Case

Alphabet Cards - Upper Case

Blend Cards

42 Sounds Cards

Blast Game

Blaster Game

Go Fishing Game

Lingo Game

Bookmarks and Posters

Five Phonetic Skills and Two Decoding Skills Bookmarks

42 Sounds and Blends Bookmarks

Letter Formation Pages

Alphabet Chart

Reading Worksheets

Review Activity Worksheets

Student Invovlement Worksheets

Enrichment Activities Worksheets

Minimal Pairs Worksheets

Word Shorts Worksheets

Most Common Words Transfer Cards

Additional Words for Dictation

Discovery Reading Worksheets (for ages 4-9)

Reading Assessments

Skills Checks

Student Worksheets Kindergarten

Teacher Form Kindergarten

Student Worksheets Grades 1-3

Teacher Form Grades 1-3

Student Chapter Assessments

Teacher Chapter Assessments

Reading Records

Enrichment Reading Activities

Grade 1-3 Letter Formation Pages

Kindergarten Letter Formation Pages

Grade 1-3 Practice Pages

Kindergarten Practice Pages

Grade 1-3 Guided Practice Worksheets

Kindergarten Guided Practice Worksheets

Enrichment Pages

Games and Activities

Alphabet Cards - Upper Case

Alphabet Cards - Lower Case


Bear It

Beginning and Ending



Don't Eat My Slide

G My Name Is Gary

Go Fishing

L Blends


R Blends

S Blends

Vowel Lingo


Gardian Star

Bridge J

Bridge S

Nonsense Word Star

42 Sounds Cards

Printable Reading Resources

Reading Skills Bookmarks

Sounds and Blends Bookmarks

Additional Sentences for Dictation

Reading practice worksheets can assist you in teaching your homeschooler reading. Some of the above worksheets are too be used with the Reading Horizons At-Home reading curriculum but some can be used independently. These resources can be helpful as well if you are homeschooling a child with dyslexia. For additional information on how to teach reading, visit our free reading workshop.