How Reading Horizons Improves Reading Skills

The unique Reading Horizzns method is a direct and systematic approach to teaching phonics that enables students to improve reading skills and increase reading grade levels quickly. It has been used in homes and schools across the country for over three decades. Utilizing a multisensory, Orton-Gillingham approach, this scientifically based reading program incorporates the tried and true teaching methods of teaching the 42 sounds of the alphabet, the Five Phonetic Skills and Two Decoding Skills. These three combine to dramatically increase one's ability to read English.

The 42 Sounds of the Alphabet

The alphabet is introduced in letter sets consisting of four consonants and one vowel each. Each letter is introduced and individuals learn the name, sound and formation simultaneously. Immediate application of each letter set solidifies understanding and builds self-esteem.

Five Phonetic Skills

The five phonetic skills allow students to identify the five common patterns of English words and "prove" the vowel sound in a word. Proving words using the five phonetic skills is an indispensable tool used to decode, pronounce, and spell new words.

Decoding Skills #1 and #2

A skillful reader's ability to read long words fluently depends on his or her ability to break words into syllables. The Two Decoding Skills allow students to break words of any length into syllables so they can apply the Five Phonetic Skills to determine the words pronunciation.

These skills are gradually internalized and become automatic, resulting in greater reading speed and fluency. The skills and confidence gained form Reading Horizons are some of the most valuable gifts you can give!

Method Overview

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Scope and Sequence of Our Reading Curriculum

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