Reading Academy

Reading Horizons Methodology

Simple, Streamlined Reading Instruction

Reading Horizons empowers learners with a simple, streamlined approach to reading instruction. By learning the following concepts, students are provided with a framework that allows them to read the majority of words in the English language:

  • 44 Sounds of the English Language
  • 5 Phonetic Skills
  • 2 Decoding Skills

These skills are learned through an explicit, systematic, and multi-sensory approach that is based on Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction.

light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel Decoding Skills: A Means to an End

Reading Horizons focus on decoding is not an end in itself. Rather, decoding skills create a foundation so learners will easily master more advanced reading skills. While students are learning the framework, exercises are layered in to build vocabulary, spelling, grammar, fluency, and comprehension skills.

How Effective is Our Approach?

Upon completing the Reading Horizons At-Home program, most learners gain two-to-three reading levels. These students are able to experience success — often for the first time, making them more open to further learning.

“I would just like to say that this program is amazing in its ability to maintain the attention of my daughter. We have tried many other resources to help my 3rd grader overcome her reading deficiencies, but this is the only program that has inspired her to work on her own!” — D. Bruce Cahilly II, Emporium, PA

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