Three Steps to Improving Your Reading Skills and Yourself

Self-help is self-guided improvement that can be focused in one or more areas such as economic, intellectual, or emotional. There are 3 key steps that should be taken for effective self-help and  improving reading skills:

  • Step 1: There has to be an acknowledgement of a need for improvement in a certain area.
  • Step 2: A person must seek out good sources for help.
  • Step 3: A person must set goals and work towards those goals in order to see improvement.

Struggling readers can apply the above guidelines to improve their reading skills and themselves:

  • Step 1: Those struggling with reading must admit there is a need for self-improvement. Upon realizing the need for improvement one must also understand the nature of their reading problems. One should understand that their struggles have nothing to do with their intelligence. In fact, most individuals that struggle with reading have a processing issue, such as dyslexia, or did not receive the proper instruction in their early schooling. Luckily, research has shown that with the right type of instruction, these issues can be resolved.
  • Step 2: A person that has admitted they need to improve their reading skills next needs to find the proper resources to assist them in their goals. Research has shown that an explicit, systematic phonics program can rewire the language center of the brain. Fortunately, such a program exists; Reading Horizons develops software and teaching materials fitting this description. Let us find a program for you.
  • Step 3: In order to succeed with reading improvement a person needs to set achievable goals. The selected program should set clear expectations and help the user set reasonable goals to work towards. The Reading Horizons software allows individuals to receive the right kind of instruction with the freedom of self-guided, independent learning.

A desire to improve oneself is worthy of praise. Individuals who choose to seek proven reading help will see great improvement in their reading skills and will see doors open to opportunities they never thought were possible.