Fall Back into Homeschool

The cycles of the seasons and of life are what drive us forward. There is a certain excitement in the air as the leaves start to change, the mornings turn cool and crisp, and the smell of new pencils and books lingers. It is new and familiar at the same time. When we go back to school, whether public or home, we are planting the seeds to harvest and to create increase in our knowledge and experience. It is an opportunity to "fall" back into the routine of learning in homeschools around the nation.

The Discovery reading program can help with learning and can change it from a frustrating experience for many into a rewarding, successful one. To experience abundance this time of year is part of the season. We do not want our children to feel a lack in understanding or necessary strategies to reach their full potential. We need to help them have an increase in tools necessary for their progress and potential. Reading Horizons "falls" perfectly into the requirements of a proven phonics program that meets a homeschooler's needs, such as non-consumable materials, assessments for progress monitoring, practice materials, and companion software for individualized instruction.

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Welcome back to homeschool!

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