Improve Job Performance Skills By Improving Reading Skills

Do you, or anyone you know, fall under any of these areas?

  • The uncertain economy and job market has created a desire and need to improve job skills.
  • It is necessary to improve basic skills, such as reading and writing, just to find employment.
  • Insecurity in current job, or a desire to advance within the company, has created a need to improve skills.

It would surprise people to find out that some of the most successful entrepreneurs in our country have difficulty with reading and writing, often because they are dyslexic. There are professionals in all arenas, from actors to artists, who read and write at very low levels. Most of them have learned to compensate, but the majority of them would admit that their struggles in this area leave them feeling unsure and vulnerable.

Taking the time to improve your reading skills and receive the research-based intervention proven to help with issues such as dyslexia can be the single-most important thing a person can do. It will build confidence and open more doors than you could have ever imagined.

Here are the ways Reading Horizons can help boost reading skills:

  • Reading Horizons is a research-based program that can improve reading by two-to-five grade levels in as little as three-to-six months.
  • Reading Horizons is teaching software that allows learners to work independently from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Reading Horizons at Home provides free resources online and reading specialists you can call for help.

The most flourishing business men and women know that the constant drive and effort to improve oneself is huge factor in their success. Let us help you reach your full potential, improve job performance skills, and improve reading skills. Click here to learn more about the Reading Horizons Phonics Program or call 1-800-705-6568 now!

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