How We Differ From Hooked on Phonics

One of the most frequently asked questions is, "How are you different from Hooked on Phonics?" The following is a list of points of how we are different from most phonics programs that are out there.

  • Our phonics program is research based and is proven to increase phonemic awareness, decoding ability, fluency, and spelling.
  • We have been used in schools for over 30 years with marked success.
  • We are not an alphabet soup of sounds; we are systematic and explicit in our instruction. We provide strategies to apply to words of any length to determine what they say.
  • We are simple, not requiring a huge list of rules to be memorized and recited. (Those with processing issues, such as dyslexia, have a difficult time with rote memorization, so those types of programs are very frustrating for them.)
  • We have one program, not several programs that have to be purchased in order to see results. Our software is contained on one disc that takes you through the entire Discovery method, from simple phonemes to multi-syllabic words.
  • All of our materials are non-consumable. You have the choice of manuals or software, and both can stand alone.
  • Words used for decoding are used in context sentences for vocabulary building and to increase understanding, creating connections for memory storage and retrieval.
  • Nonsense words are used throughout the program to ensure mastery of the skills being taught.
  • Unlike Hooked on Phonics, an Orton-Gillingham-based marking system is employed to help those with processing disorders and allow any learner to see what the word says.
  • This program is endorsed by the Florida Center for Reading Research and is used by universities such as Harvard and Brigham Young University.

The best way to see how we are different from Hooked on Phonics is to try us. Having the skills to be able to decode any word is empowering. One user said,

"It was like I was walking down a hallway with doors, and all of them were locked. After going through this program, I was given the keys to open them. Anything is possible now."

--Bernadine Choate, Provo, Utah

Continue learning how Reading Horizons differs from Hooked on Phonics, and how our phonics programs are more effective at helping struggling readers.