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Picture of a child As a parent, you understand the feeling of responsibility that comes when you decide to homeschool your children and provide a classroom experience at home. It may seem overwhelming and confusing, but there is a simple solution. Give your child a homeschool reading program that guarantees they will make fast gains in reading-grade levels through a tried-and-true, research-based program: Discover Intensive Phonics for Yourself. This method has been used successfully for over 30 years in classrooms and homes across the nation and is employed and endorsed by Harvard University and the Florida Center for Reading Research. The easy-to-teach direct instruction materials and self-guided student software of the Reading Horizons program make a perfect combination to any homeschool reading curriculum.

Sample a Reading Skill

Homeschool Reading ResourcesWhy does cat start with a C and kitten start with a K? Learn something new to teach your child today!

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The program has a multi-sensory approach, which means that it will appeal to a student's individual learning style - visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic. The program is based on Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction. Let us show you how this reading program fits into a successful homeschool curriculum. Learn more about how the program works ›





Teaching Reading - Online Workshop

Homeschool Reading WorkshopLearn the skills you need to teach your child to read! This four hour Online Workshop is free for you for 30 days! Share this amazing resource with your homeschool group.

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Scope and Sequence of the Homeschool Curriculum

Scope and Sequence, Student Skills Guide - A general overview of how the lessons and skills in the Reading Horizons homeschool curriculum are organized and what is taught in each section.

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"Which Homeschool Curriculum Should I Buy?"

This is one of the most-frequently asked questions by homeschoolers. View suggestions given by the top homeschool Web sites about what to look for in a homeschool curriculum and how our program meets those guidelines.

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Printable Worksheets


Homeschool Phonics ResourcesUse our free homeschool curriculum resources. Print these free phonics worksheets today and start your child on the road to reading!

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News and Events in the Homeschool World.

"Our Experience at the Christian Homeschool Conference" - Reading Horizons at Home was at the Christian Homeschool Conference in Pennsylvania (CHAP) 2009. Were you? Read about our experience.

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View the articles below to learn more about ways you can help your child learn to love reading.

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"A Dozen Tips on Raising a Reader" - 12 ways parents can help their children learn to love reading.

Fall Back into Homeschool - 'Fall' back into the routine of learning with Reading Horizons at Home, and give your children all the tools and reading strategies necessary to get the most out of the school year.

Lesson Plans and Homeschool - A key to successful homeschooling is a well-structured lesson plan. Learn why they are important and what to look for when choosing one for your student.

How to Help a Struggling Reader: 101 - Interesting and effective ways to help your child overcome reading difficulties and show them that reading can be fun.

How Are We Different from Other Phonics Programs? - A list of points that show what sets us apart from most phonics programs out there.

Homeschool Reading Program Testimonials

Reading Horizons was chosen as Mary Pride's Pick of the Crop and was featured in Catholic Education: Homeward Bound as a, "highly recommended resource." Read these and other testimonials straight from the mouth of homeschool educators like yourself!

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Let us show you just how effective Reading Horizons at Home is. Try these amazing homeschool products risk free for 60 days!

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