Online Reading and Word Decoding Skills - Try out some of the reading skills that are taught in the Reading Horizons software.

Reading Horizons Sample Lessons - Download some free lessons from the Reading Horizons software.

Reading Games - Have fun learning how to read, write and spell with these phonics games.


Free Printable Worksheets - Printable, individualized practice pages that correlate with the phonics lessons found in the Reading Horizons software. These are great reinforcements for reading, spelling and writing, and provide additional practice.

Free Lesson Plans - These sample lesson plans provide narration and teacher's notes, as well as all the information and resources that you'll need to teach your stuendts how to read.

Practice Vocabulary Word Lists - Build and develop your vocabulary with practice word lists and definitions. These lists are organized by reading grade-level and difficulty, and can be used as a practice tool for spelling, writing or reading.

42 Sounds Card Set - To be used with the Word Builder tool in providing practice with letter identification and sounds.

Word Builder Practice Tool - To be used with the 42 Sound Card Set in providing practice with letter identification and sounds.

Reading Activities and Ideas

How to Help a Struggling Reader: 101 - Interesting and effective ways to help your child overcome reading difficulties and show them that reading can be fun.

Empowering Readers by Helping Them to Apply Decoding and Comprehension Skills - One question teachers and parents ask is how to help students transition the phonetic skills they are learning to their reading skills. Learn how to ensure their success.

"A Dozen Tips on Raising a Reader" - 12 ways parents can help their children learn to love reading.

Making Connections - What are your hobbies? What are your interests? Reading books about things that you or your child has an interest in will help you both enjoy reading.

The Struggling Reader and Stress - Having difficulty reading can put added stress on your child at school and at home. Here are some tips to helping them cope with these feelings.

10 Tips for Choosing Books for Children of All Ages - Children are more likely to enjoy reading when they read what they have an interest in or like to learn about. How to help them choose the right book.