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We know how difficult choosing reading programs can be. You may wonder if a reading program truly helps your student learn to read, especially because  everybody learns in different ways and at different paces.

We are here to help you understand what makes  effective reading programs and to help you find a program that fits the age and learning style of your struggling reader. When choosing a reading program it is important to ask the following questions: Is this reading program research based? Will it be a good fit for their learning style? How do the reading programs actually work?

Let us help you find a reading program that will be the best fit and is guaranteed to substantially increase reading grade levels in the first few months. We encourage you to try out all of our free online resources and get a feel for how the Reading Horizons reading programs work and how they differ from any other phonics program.

Please feel free to call us anytime if you need any help or explanation with any of our online resources - (800) 705-6568.

If you are looking for information and help choosing a reading program, you've come to the right place!

Are These Reading Programs Research-Based?

Reading Program Research - The Reading Horizons program has been used in schools and literacy centers for over 30 years. Learn more about the research done on this revolutionary reading program.

Teaching Reading: Strategies, Tips and Resources - Researchers have concluded that the most effective way to teach reading is through a synthetic phonics-based program that teaches the skills necessary to break down and manipulate the sounds that make up words.

How does Reading Horizons Differs from Hooked on Phonics? - A list of reasons why we are different from Hooked on Phonics and what sets us apart from most phonics programs out there.

Do our Phonics Reading Programs Work for Good Readers? - Discover Intensive Phonics is designed and extremely effective for helping struggling readers, but what about good readers?

Will It Fit My Learning Style?

People have individual learning styles that works best for them. Learning to read is no different. Reading Horizons uses the Orton Gillingham approach to teaching that utilizes visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles.

The Orton Gillingham Approach - The Orton Gillingham method to teaching reading is a multisensory and seqential approach that appeals to all types of learning styles.

How Do the Reading Programs Actually Work?

By teaching the basic elements that make up words and the phonetic and decoding skills of reading, you enable the ability to break-down words and increase reading grade levels quickly.

How Our Reading Programs Work - The Reading Horizons program uses a revolutionary and multisensory approach to teaching phonics that uses the 42 sounds of the alphabet, five phonetic skills and two decoding skills to dramatically increase reading ability.

Scope and Sequence, Student Reading Skills Guide - A general overview of how the lessons and skills in the Reading Horizons curriculum are organized and what is taught in each section.

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"The software program is like having another phonics teacher, for my children, who never tires and is always patient and kind. It wonderfully reinforces what I am teaching."

- Karen Petitment, Molalla, Oregon




Finding a Reading Program that will work for you is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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