Trying to Help a Struggling Reader?

When trying to solve a difficult problem, nothing facilitates success like a fresh perspective. If your child or loved one is struggling with reading, a new perspective can change everything. Let Reading Horizons At-Home help.

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rules of English langaugeReframe the Problem

If you have not said it before you have certainly heard others say something like, “English is so complicated, confusing, inconsistent, crazy (choose an adjective) that it is amazing that anyone learns to read and write it at all.” However, this thought is a misconception. English, though it is a complex language, is not as complicated as people may think. There is order and consistency to the English language that becomes apparent with proper instruction. 

When a person struggles with reading, the problem is not with the student (although learning disabilities such as dyslexia can increase the difficulty of learning to read)—the problem is not the nature of the English language; rather, the problem lies in the language instruction (or lack of informed instruction) that the majority of students have experienced. Few teachers are trained to teach the rules of the English language in a clear and consistent way—leaving students on their own to make sense of written English. It’s no wonder that your child or loved one is struggling with reading. 

Reframe the Solution

Researchers have found that the English language can be explained with consistent and predictable rules. Louisa Moats discovered that at least 20 sounds in the English language have spellings that are more than 90% predictable, and Steven Pinker noted that “for about eighty-four percent of English words, spelling is completely predictable from regular rules.” 

How Can Reading Horizons Help?

Take Away the Guesswork with a Simple Framework

Reading Horizons provides struggling readers with a simple and consistent framework for proving the proper pronunciation and spelling of most English words. Consisting of the common sounds of English and just seven core rules to remember, this framework and the clear and multi-sensory nature of the program are the reasons that struggling readers (with or without learning disabilities and special needs) can grasp the program more readily than they do alternative programs.

Individualize Instruction with Software

In order to cater instruction to the needs of each student, the learner is assessed after each lesson, activity, and comprehension exercise to assure skill mastery. When a student needs additional practice, the software automatically adjusts to provide reinforcement activities and additional instruction. When a student quickly grasps a skill, the software moves forward—keeping the student engaged in the learning process.brain connections for reading

Build New Brain Connections

The Reading Horizons multi-sensory delivery method helps activate several areas of the brain by including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues that allow those with learning disabilities (such as dyslexia) and special needs to make the brain connections needed for successful reading. 

Appeal to Learners of All Ages

To appeal to struggling readers of all ages, Reading Horizons offers two versions of its materials: Reading Horizons Discovery™ and Reading Horizons Elevate™

at home reading program for kids For Younger Learners (Ages 4-9):

Reading Horizons Discovery uses characters, games, and themes to engage younger learners while providing them with a solid foundation in reading skills.  Full-color books help younger learners transfer the decoding skills they learn in the program to engaging and relatable stories.


at home reading program for teens and adults For Older Learners (Ages 10+):

Reading Horizons Elevate appeals to older learners and struggling readers by developing the basic skills they need to master in a way that respects their maturity level. Older learners enjoy the autonomy and privacy offered through software instruction. To further engage and interest students, a library of reading passages is also included.