Reading Strategies
for Parents

At first, the idea of teaching your child reading skills can seem like a daunting task. You may not be sure of how or where to begin or what materials or method to use. You may not know where to find specific reading strategies for parents that can be implemented and work in the home. You may even wonder whether you have what it takes to help your child learn to read.

Take heart—Reading Horizons has helped countless parents just like you become effective at-home reading instructors. The following information will serve as a good starting point for developing the best plan of action for your family.

To learn about decoding, teaching, and reading strategies, visit the Reading Horizons Reading Strategies Homepage.

Parent Phonics Online Training Workshop ›

The Parent Phonics Training Online Workshop is an ideal resource for parents to learn the essentials of effective reading instruction. This interactive and informative online workshop uses narrated, full-motion video and Flash animation to guide you through our explicit, sequential, and systematic method, beginning with the best way to teach the alphabet and concluding with proven strategies for decoding multi-syllabic words.

The workshop is typically completed in 2–6 hours, and it can be paused and saved to fit any schedule. Best of all—the workshop is free to anyone for 30 days and always free to Reading Horizons customers. Take our workshop and become your family’s own reading expert!

Additional Resources for Parents ›

Reading Horizons has gathered together many other free resources to help you successfully implement reading instruction in your home. From video-based sample lessons and software tutorials to product-specific information, to tips on tutoring and homeschooling, to webinars and much more, the Reading Horizons At-Home Website gives you the instructional support you need to be a confident and well-informed reading instructor.