Do You Tutor Struggling Readers or English Language Learners?  

Deliver Effective and Efficient Reading Instruction

There is high demand for private English tutors who are dedicated to helping learners become strong and fluent in their reading. In a typical classroom, 30% of all students struggle with reading, 40% of our nation’s adults read below a 6th-grade reading level, and there is an ever-growing population of English language learners (ELLs) in our communities. All of these individuals need an English tutor who can deliver effective and efficient results.

Of course, the need for and the importance of English tutors don’t eliminate the challenges that come with tutoring. Struggling readers are often demotivated and overwhelmed, and, explaining to them how to read can be extremely difficult. 

How Can Reading Horizons Help?

Reading Horizons can give your tutoring business a boost by helping you:  

Implement a Proven Methodology

Because struggling readers have a history of struggling, they can be very closed off and resistant to working on their reading skills, not because they don’t want to succeed, but because they don’t believe they will succeed. As a result, it is important to be very confident in the effectiveness of your approach then you are working with a struggling reader. If you can’t deliver quality reading instruction that is simple for a struggling reader to understand, you can leave the student feeling even more resistant and closed off to working on their reading skills.

The Reading Horizons methodology empowers tutors with a simple, engaging framework for clearly explaining the rules and structure of the English language to both struggling readers and ELLs. The core of Reading Horizons methodology includes the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, Five Phonetic Skills, and Two Decoding Skills. Upon mastering this simple framework, students can read, spell and pronounce the majority of the words in the English language with accuracy. Each skill is taught using multisensory (Orton-Gillingham) instructional techniques, helping students make new brain connections that facilitate learning and boost skill retention. 

As the student learns the skills needed to correctly read, spell and pronounce individual words, activities are introduced to help students build vocabulary, improve fluency and reading comprehension. 

Based on over 30 years of classroom use, our data shows that the average learner gains two-to-three grade levels in reading upon completing the program.

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Enhance Instructional Skills

To make the strategies in the Reading Horizons methodology accessible to tutors, Reading Horizons offers every tutor 30-days of free access to its online training tool, The Reading Horizons Online Workshop. The workshop provides a complete overview of the Reading Horizons methodology as described above. Upon completing the workshop you can immediately implement strategies that will lead to greater success the struggling readers and ELLs you tutor.

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Save Time Planning Lessons

Planning lessons and running a tutoring business are both time-consuming tasks. To help you balance these two demands, Reading Horizons offers lesson materials that are scripted to make lesson planning and delivery as simple and succinct as possible. This saves time for tutors and reduces confusion for students, so they can quickly grasp each skill.

Reading Horizons Instructor-Guided Materials can be used as the sole mode of instruction for intervention students or as a supplement to software instruction. One-on-one instruction is beneficial for every intervention student because it offers high-engagement activities that activate many areas of the brain during participation—a key to helping struggling students.

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Monitor Student Progress and Reinforce Skills

When working with multiple students, assessing and monitoring each student's individual progress can often add to your heavy workload but not with our program. Reading Horizons software automatically collects all of the data tutors need to quickly assess student progress and instructional needs. Assessment data is recorded for each student’s performance on each lesson, chapter, and comprehension exercise in the administration system. With the help of Reading Horizons, tutors can spend less time assessing student needs and more time providing effective, targeted instruction to struggling students and ELLs.

Reading Horizons software differentiates instruction to meet the skill level of each student, and provides students a way to receive additional practice and skill enforcement at home. For ELL students, there are language add-ons available that provide translations in their native tongues. Language add-ons are available in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Haitian-Creole.

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Reading Horizons At-Home offers its robust software program along with teaching manuals especially for tutors. The software boasts an administration system that makes it easy to monitor many tutoring students and make individualized adjustment in your tutoring sessions.

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