Discovery At Home Software

The online software is a yearly subscription that gives a child (ages 4-9) an online, self-directed solution to receiving the fundamental skills of reading (teaches the entire Discovery program through self-directed software).

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Whats Included?

  • This package includes two (2) student licenses by default. Each additional student slot is $25.
  • Online access to the full version of Discovery Online software for one year (renewal price for an additional year is $50/year)
  • 63 interactive lessons teach students the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, Five Phonetic Skills, and Two Decoding Skills.
  • 22 Most Common Words lessons give practice with high-frequency words that are included in 65 percent of our daily reading and writing (e.g., the, it, a, and).
  • 13 Reference Lessons aligned to requirements of the Common Core State Standards
  • Built-in assessments ensure proficiency after each lesson, chapter, and comprehension exercise.
  • The Vocabulary Word Wall allows students to practice decoding skills while building their vocabularies.
  • 64 colorful and age-appropriate stories help students transfer decoding skills to connected text.
  • Six fun and engaging games can be accessed with the coins students earn in the lessons, vocabulary section, and reading passages.
  • The Administration System allows parents to review assessment data, generate customizable reports, set student options, and receive notifications about student progress.

Product reviews for Discovery At Home Software

Existing reviews

I like this program
I like that this program is simple and user friendly. I found it difficult to use during the change from version 7 to version 7.5 but the app has worked perfectly for us since 2016.
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Great Product
This is a great product that I would recommend to all homeschoolers.
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Great Software!
Great software that helped us a lot!
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I bought this program as a home school mom in search of great fundamental teaching to help my early elementary children learn to read. This program has lived up to my expectations! My kids enjoy working on their lessons and learning in a variety of ways through the on-line program! The Reading Horizons Discovery At-Home offers a fun but very educational way to reinforce what they are learning from the curriculum. It also has great evaluations that give plenty of feed back to me as the teacher! Overall I am very pleased!
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Improvement after just 1 month
Mindy A.
My son has dyslexia and this program has been wonderful for him! He eagerly sits down to lessons every day, the content holds his attention and we have seen marked improvement in his reading and spelling skills within just 1 month of starting this program.
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Wonderful Program
This was a great program that helped a lot!
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Great program! Giving my 6 year old a foundation for reading.
I have been using Reading Horizons At Home Discovery with my 6 year old kindergartener for 6 months. This program is really giving him a solid foundation for reading. Now when we read he recognized blends and slides. He loves the library section and the games. The gold coins he recieves keeps him motivated. He asks me, "Can I do Reading Horizons now?" As a mom I love that. I am excited to continue to use it with him as well as my other children. Great investment!
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Dyslexic student
Review by: Betty Moxley - Georgia
Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have a dyslexic child who I tutor and through the use of the marking system it has helped him maintain his focus, interest, and it works.
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Crafty Homeschool
Review by: Lenicia Talamantes - From Crafty Homeschool
Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm a homeschooling mother of three great kids. We started this homeschool journey because of my oldest son (Boo as he's know here), at four years old he was diagnosed ADHD. He struggled with school from the beginning and half way through first grade we decided to start homeschooling him, little did I know I would soon be homeschooling three kids, not just one.

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Amazing Results!!!
Review by: Judy - Cranberry, PA
Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I purchased the online at home software for both of my boys age 5yrs & 8yrs. It has truly been amazing. My older son has struggled since Kindergarten words and this is the only program that worked for us. We've tried many, he knew all the rules for phonetics, all his sounds and just couldn't apply them all. We've had the program since the end of Feb. 2013 and now he is reading fluently. He has progressed at an amazing rate and I cannot believe it myself. I cannot stress enough to take your time, understand, and don't rush through just to get your child caught up. Thank you so much for all of your ongoing support, webinars, and the wealth of information you provide for parents.
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Easy to use
Review by: Caroline Allen - Missouri
Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Really easy to catch on. Pretty straight forward.
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Under the Golden Apple Tree
Review by: Richele McFarlin - Under the Golden Apple Tree
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I am a history loving, Eclectic, Charlotte Mason flavored, homeschooling mom to four beautiful children. I believe education should foster creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity. I believe parenting should foster a love for God, God's Word, service and family.

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Under the Golden Apple Tree
Review by: Richele McFarlin - Under the Golden Apple Tree
Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I am a history loving, Eclectic, Charlotte Mason flavored, homeschooling mom to four beautiful children. I believe education should foster creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity. I believe parenting should foster a love for God, God's Word, service and family.

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Enjoy it
Review by: Diane Smith - Farmington, UT
Thursday, March 22, 2012

I have the at home version for an 8 year old. I am really enjoying the software. It is teaching in all manners including tactical, visual, and auditory methods.

My son has speech issues and I love the game that allows him to see the man's mouth and then record his own voice and state back. My husband heard him say the other day ""that does not sound like the way the man said it"" when he heard his playback voice.

I also enjoy the periodic tests. It was clearly evident that he was having issue discriminating between J and G. It was nice for the program to identify that and open up those sections for mastery. Sincerely, Diane Smith
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Some issues
Review by: Julie Gamble - Marlington, WV
Thursday, March 22, 2012

We purchased the Discover Intensive Phonics at Home (Ages 4-9) to use in our Homeschool.  My son is in the 3rd grade and was diagnosed with a vision problem, which has contributed to Dyslexia.

Problem with Software not fully working:  We installed the s/w on our older computer (Windows XP, version 5.1) and we had challenges with the ""Alpha Say"" working.  I thought this would help Joshua, but we couldn't get it to work consistently in the end.

Great News:  The customer service at your company was EXCELLENT!  I appreciated so much having someone to help discuss the problems and make every super human effort to fix, but in the end the old computer won.  However, a few months ago we were able to upgrade to a new computer and the ""Alpha Say"" is now working.

Really Frustrating:  I would say that one of the most frustrating things about the software is how inflexible it is.  The contents is GREAT!  However, the screens move at such a slow pace - it is AGONIZING for student and teacher!  And forget repeating something that you want to review - you have to start all over.  Also, forget just going to the 'PRACTICE' to 'practice!'  - no you have to start the entire lesson over - DARN!  Please give more control to the teacher/user to move through the program.

Perhaps, you are aware that some of the lessons have 'bugs' in them and 'report' that you have selected the wrong choice when in-fact you have selected the correct choice - however - to be fair this may have been when we were using the s/w on our old computer.

Honestly, I am currently trying to decide if I should upgrade to the Intensive Phonics for age 10 and up, but if I run into the same lack of flexibility then this just may not be the product for us.  Again, the content is superb and I was looking forward to newer 'read-alongs' with the older version.

I know that this product is not specifically targeted for children with Dyslexia, but I must give feedback that it seemed like a 'Quantum Leap' going from Lesson 49 to Lesson 50.  Lesson 50 ""Most Common Words List"".  You completely lost my son in the computer lesson and the story in the ""Little Red Book"".  We are just basically stuck here - moving now at a snails pace.  I'm not really sure where to go from here.  He is just not making progress.

Additionally, we have enjoyed the stories through #15, however, we do not like story #8 in the Little Red Book.  It is a story about a little kid that 'casts spells'.  As a devout Christian Homeschool parent I'd like to ask you to consider not including stories that go against the practices of the Christian faith.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know!
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Love It!
Review by: Robin - Almont, Michigan
Thursday, March 22, 2012

I love the program. It truly works!!!
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Used for 3 years
Review by: Michelle Frank - Duvall, WA
Thursday, March 22, 2012

I have been using Reading Horizons software with my dyslexic son for 3 years now.  He was basically illiterate after 3rd grade, so I started searching for a way to teach him how to read.  I really love how user friendly the program is.  I didn’t have to have a bunch of training before I was able to jump in and help my son.  It is a very straight forward way to teach reading and spelling.  I have also used Reading Horizons with my non-dyslexic children.  I homeschool them, and it has been a very useful tool to teach my typical learners as well.  My youngest daughter was having a little trouble with auditory processing, so she used the Reading Horizons program to overcome some of the difficulties she was having with some of the sounds.  I am familiar with other programs, such as Wilson, Barton, Lindamood Bell, and Wired for Reading.  I think there are pros and cons with them all, but I really like the user friendliness and accessibility of Reading Horizons.  I think it is a really great product, so I recommend it to others whenever I get the chance.

Michelle Frank
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Review by: Sandra - Stillwater, Pennsylvania
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I have Intensive Phonics Home Edition and use it with my five grandchildren ages 4-6.  What I have found is that the images are confusing.  For instance, a character in a pan for pan, some of the characters are doing movement, the animals are so cartoonish that they are hard to determine snake, ram worm, etc.  It looks like images were captured and inserted without some serious thought as to how it would appear to a small child.   I like the parts that have you mark the vowels.  The kids enjoy that and I think that is great.  The phonemic awareness section is pretty good.  They like the little man in the green suit and looked for him in the regular lessons.  Perhaps, including him instead of the woman's voice would be encourageing. However,the beginning sound section is bit long for a beginner in the phonemic awareness section.  It could be two lessons.  My kids don't like to do the written section, but do like to trace letters on the screen.  Could you have more tracing instead of writing on paper?  The mgjic finger that shows the outline would be better reviewed several  when used for young children. The practice is presented as optional in the yellow frame and I found if the kids skipped this then the lesson was not saved and completed.  That was confusing to them.

Also, it is easy to accidentally lose/delete your lessons because the lines for those options are so close together.

Checking out what is available on line for free, such as starfall might help in your design.  Many schools in our area use starfall with kindergardeners.  As a retired teacher, I feel your program is good in its goal, but needs to be more appealing for kids familiar with computers.

I would be very interested in promoting/ part time employment with your organization if there were some interesting updates to make it more marketable.  I did recommend it to a freind with an autistic child who was learning to read only by sight and she felt it helped him and her to learn phonics. There are many teachers who do not know the phonics rules and that would be an avenue for teaching even special education teachers the basics.  They do not know them! I have a potential opportunity to market phonics materials in a venue with thousands of visitors in our area.  I have a personal and professional interest in the lack of good phonics instruction national wide.

Hope to hear from you.
Sandra Z. Beishline
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Great program but…
Review by: Tammie Taft - Jacksonville, FL
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Great program however I think with the new technology out there kids get bored with it quick. I also think it should be more selective instead of just the first page. The selection process can be a little better.
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A helpful program
Review by: Linda - Manhattan, Montana
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hi, I took the course a few years ago and enjoyed it very much.  I tutor children in reading so the program has been helpful.  I was a teacher for many years, as well.

I don't use the testing or worksheets but do use the computer program.  The kids like doing the learning activities and the games.  I would improve some things here and maybe update using better graphics. As a tutor, I like to be able to have lots of flexibility in what resources I have.

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Strong program for struggling readers
Review by: Corolyn Murphy - Arlington, TX
Monday, March 19, 2012

I do private reading tutoring in my home. As a Certified Reading Specialist and an educator of more than 40 years, I have found that the Reading Horizons materials I purchased are sound and highly profitable for the struggling reader. Starting from the beginning gives a student a firm foundation ( Phonics) on which to grow as a reader.
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Didn't work for us
Review by: Paulette - Castle Rock, CO
Monday, March 19, 2012

I am a new homeschooler , my daughter is in the first grade on an IEP. I personally felt that as a new homeschooler it was difficult to maneuver through and teach. Also it was a difficult program form my daughter to understand. It is not the best choose for my situation. I invested four hundred dollars and now I have gone past the the guarantee period and it is too late to turn it. I called for support and was assured that the program worked well with children with learning problems so I continued to try to make it work , however it did not work for us.
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Priceless value
Review by: Rhonda - Grovetown, Georgia
Monday, March 19, 2012

Initially, after having my son tested for Auditory Processing Disorder by an audiologist, I enrolled him in an on-line school for homeschool and bought Reading Horizons up until age 9 to teach him phonics in a patient, and clear way.

In addition to his daily curriculum, the self-paced lessons, and explicit teaching increased his reading level and confidence. Because of APD, and the associated, memory weakness, I had him go through that program about five, times. He enjoyed it, so he didn't mind. Each time, his confidence and comprehension increased with the lessons.

After that, I purchased the V5 program (ages 10-adult). These programs work. The investment you make is just that; an investment. For me, it was my child's confidence that he gained back. He is in fourth grade. This was our first year homeschooling and our first year finding out that he has Auditory Processing Disorder, after not being able to find a viable, solution in brick and mortar school.

He is so confident now, that he wants to go back to regular school! He says he feels like he can handle it now, and that he won't feel like he is the dumb one in the class. One of  his written affirmations, in addition to, ""I tackle very, well on the football field!"" is, ""I am one of the smartest, kids in my class!""

Also, I mentioned ""memory weakness"" and ""explicit learning"" previously. I learned these conceprts through free, webinars I attended at Reading Horizons. I do everything possible to give my son an opportunity to succeed. I believe that's the goal of Reading Horizons as well. You gain so much more than you pay. The resources and the direction is what many parents need to carve a path of successful, academic growth for their children.

Now, tell me....what amount of money is that worth?
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Review by: Karri - Bowman, SC
Monday, March 19, 2012

My daughter is 8 years old and I pulled her out of school in November to homeschool her because the school system had failed to teach her to read.  She shows many signs of being dyslexic but the school gave me the run around in getting her tested.  I bought this program because it was a recommended intervention program for students with dyslexia.  We have not had her officially tested for dyslexia but decided to proceed assuming she has it.  When I pulled her out of school she was reading at a Kindergarten level.  She is now reading at a 2nd grade level and we have only been doing the program for three months.  In addition to reading, she has also begun to show progress in her writing ability.  The results are amazing.  My daughter has begun to read on her own for pure enjoyment and is even voluntarily writing in her journals.  A few weeks ago she asked her grandfather to stop talking to her because she was busy reading.  This weekend she had trouble falling asleep and wrote about how it feels to be dyslexic.  She then read two books before finally going to sleep.  Thank you! 
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Not satisfied
Review by: Betsy - Greenville, PA
Monday, March 19, 2012

I had a bad experience and no longer use the product. My computer had trouble reading the disc despite many efforts to correct the problem. My two children had to start over which was very frustrating. We then lost the information again. I caught them up to the right location after we thought we fixed the problem. It then happened again! I gave up! My husband called about the problem and was told that the problem would be fixed for future discs. That sure didn't help me much. I stopped recommending the product to fellow homeschoolers.
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Excited to show my son reading is possible
Review by: Karrah - Concord, NC
Monday, March 19, 2012

A little background info: My 7 year old son was not officially diagnosed with Dyslexia, but displayed all symptoms associated with it. He was having difficulties with the alphabet, sounding out words and letters and everything wound up looking like alphabet soup on a page when he tried to write. We were getting so frustrated because he is home schooled and we were told to an outside source and pay a fortune to have them confirm what I already knew. Reading and school were becoming such a chore to do because it seemed no matter what I tried he was just not grasping any concepts being taught  in order to read. We tried all the ways everyone suggested that worked for them, but nothing was helping him. Finally I was researching more about Dyslexia online and came across your company. I was told get Hooked on Phonics by my friends and family, but knew it would be a waste of money because his home schooling program follows some of those same guidelines and it hadn't been working for him. So when I read up on your program I was so pleased to see it was geared for Dyslexia unlike the other reading programs out there, so I ordered it. We have been so pleased with the program so far. We haven't finished the program yet, but already in just the little bit we have done my son has already grasped the concept enough that he can now read some of the starter books that came with it. He is still slow going and has to sound them out, but he couldn't do any of that before with all the teaching we had been trying to do in his Kindergarten course and the part of 1st grade course. It was so exciting for him to see that reading was possible because it had seemed so hard before. I can't wait to make it all the way through the courses, because so far the results are amazing. All my family members were amazed at the difference they saw in such a short span of time. They had watched me struggle all along doing all the things the schools and other reading programs tell you to do and saw how it doesn't work for someone with Dyslexia. He was reading small 3 letter words on the first 2 lessons he did on the Alphabet, it was amazing. Before the program he could not grasp the concept of how to sound out a letter or spell a word. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone, it was sooooooooo worth the money. If anyone is having doubts, I would say my son one of the proofs it works. It is definatly a 5 out of 5 stars for us. Thank you for creating this program and making it possible for my son to finally enjoy school.

Sincerely - Karrah E. Silvas
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