Elevate At Home Bundle

This package gives the student (ages 10+) the ability to use the self-directed online software (year subscription) while receiving guided instruction from a parent or teacher using the Instructor materials (teaches the entire Reading Horizons program through both software and direct instruction).

If you are an ESL student, or you are buying the software for an ESL student, then select a language pack here.

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What’s Included?:

  • Reading Horizons Online Software
    • Online access to the full version of the Reading Horizons Online software for one year (renewal price for an additional year is $50/year)
    • Skill-based lessons teach students the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, Five Phonetic Skills, Two Decoding Skills, and several grammar rules.
    • New Lexile Reading Library Assessments, Phonics Screener and Diagnostic and Progress Monitoring Assessments.
    • Most Common Word Lessons give practice with high-frequency words that are included in 65 percent of our daily reading and writing (e.g. the, it, a, and).
    • The Vocabulary teaching tool has over 10,000 terms to help students develop vocabulary and decoding skills simultaneously.
    • The Reading Horizons Reading Library helps build fluency and reading comprehension with 330 high-interest, low readability, passages that have been leveled and Lexiled.
    • The Administration System allows parents or individuals to review assessment data, generate customizable reports, set student options, and receive notifications about student progress.
  • Reading Horizons Instructor Materials
    • The Student Book is a consumable, interactive guide that provides additional practice that correlates to the software lessons.
    • The Comprehensive Teacher’s Manuals  provides parents with a comprehensive guide for teaching older children who struggle with reading the fundamentals that will help them succeed.
    • Transfer Cards help students practice and reinforce decoding skills.
    • Six Wall Posters for student reference.

Product reviews for Elevate At Home Bundle

Existing reviews

Making Progress
Review by: Lois Anderson - Newton, Kansas
Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I have used the two big manuals with Cheyenne.  Studying the different parts of words has greatly helped her learning to read.  When we started she did not know the entire alphabet!  She is 23 years old and extremely dislexic with some speech problems.  We are now using other materials plus the computer program.  She is slowly making progress.  We have been at this for over two years.  She can now read at about grade 2, but not really as well as the 2nd graders I taught for many years!  This is going to take more years before she can really pick up anything and read it.  She has many  bad habits in reading that she needs to overcome. We could not have made it this far without the phonetic process in your materials.  Thank you!
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Homeschool Family!
Review by: Rosie - Carlotte, North Carolina
Thursday, March 22, 2012

We have been fans of and using Reading Horizon Reading System for several years.  We are a homeschool family and it has worked very well for us, especially for our youngest daughter.  Our youngest daughter at 11 sat and completed the full Free Online Workshop and received her Certificate of completion afterwards.  She really did learn a lot from this workshop.  We purchased for home use – the Reading Horizons Intensive Phonics at Home - full package (Ages 10 – Adult) and later updated to the Version 5 - Home Use Package.

When using Reading Horizon, it is like light bulbs going off in your head.  It is such an eye-opening experience seeing how everything is put together in such a user friendly manner.  What is even more exciting is when I saw how my youngest daughter just took to the program and was excited about completing the lessons and learning more.  It improved her reading skills and confidence.  She learned so much about reading.  I am also a trained Orton Gillingham tutor, and I can say this is a great program.  Some children who are visual learners like my daughter, can really flourish with this System.  Reading Horizons could be emerged into school programs and by all means would make an excellent Afterschool Program.  Go Reading Horizons and get your product out there even more.  There are a lot of students who can benefit from your program.

Happy Customer,
Rosie Sanders
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Results have been amazing
Review by: Rhonda Lee - Windsor, North Carolina
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have used Reading Horizon at school and at home.  I have found the product to be very effective.  My now eleven year old daughter has been using it for several years and the results have been amazing.

I discovered it's value when my EC Director ordered it for the lab.  As I watched the students become engaged in the activities and saw the results in the way students were attacking unfamiliar words by using the strategies taught in the individualized lessons, I knew it was something that I had to purchase for my daughter.  While she wasn't a non-reader at the time, Reading Horizon was instrumental in helping her pronounce and spell words well beyond her grade level.  She began to read books for students in upper level classes.  This did wonders for her love of reading.

My older brother always comes down from DC and asks her to teach him a new word.  Needless to say the ""spell what you don't want your child to know theory"" became ineffective within two months of her starting to use the product at home.  By the fourth grade, she was recognized as academically intellectually gifted (AIG) in reading and continues to be classified as AIG to day.  And I really do attribute it to her use of Reading Horizon.

I started by purchasing the elementary level, but she was introduced to the adult version and found it to  be to ""kiddish"" as she put it.  So I purchased the adult version also, and the rest was history.  This may have been because she was introduced to the adult level at school when she would have to stay over in my classroom.

I think your product is amazing.  Reading is fundamental to students'  ability to experience success across the curriculum. So, I know I don't have to tell you the enormous possibilities this program has and how it is taking a huge step in closing the gap on literacy. Thank  you for all you are doing to make people aware of its existence.

Extremely satisfied with the results,
Mrs, Rhonda Lee, EC Teacher
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Just purchased and was recomened by a specialist
Review by: Ursula - Tenerife, Spain
Monday, March 19, 2012

I've been told by a specialist, its the best method available. I'm looking forward to receiving the set, as there was the posibility to adjust the products to my needs. This is, the precise age of my child, if I want to help, or she does it on her own. Comparing to other products I saw that it is the only one which explains phonetics in a very figuratively way, easy to understand. I will tell you more, when I have experienced using it.
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