Elevate At Home Instructor Materials

These materials provide parents and tutors with scripted and guided material to teach their struggling students (ages 10+) the fundamental skills of reading (teaches the entire Reading Horizons program through direct instruction).

What’s Included?:

  • The Student Book is a consumable, interactive guide that provides additional practice that correlates to the software lessons.
  • Teacher’s Manuals  provides parents with a comprehensive guide for teaching older children who struggle with reading the fundamentals that will help them succeed.
  • Transfer Cards help students practice and reinforce decoding skills.
  • Six Wall Posters for student reference

Existing reviews

Interesting enough to keep his attention
Patricia L.
I have 14 year old grandson who is severely dyslexic and has struggled to read all his life. He is privately tutored with the Susan Barton program having started over from the beginning of learning sounds through half of that program. I found out about Reading Horizons Elevate at the beginning of this school year and I thought it might be a good program for him to do independently on a daily basis. He is home-schooled and needs to be motivated and have success in reading and language arts. I am pleased with RHelevate for several reasons. One, I can get my grandson to do his lessons without him balking and complaining. He finds the program "good" in his words, which is great for a boy who knows that he has dyslexia and has always struggled to just read the simplest things.
Two, my grandson is highly intelligent and is a great auditory learner who remembers and knows more about science and history than many adults. RHelevate is interesting enough to keep his attention and keep him moving ahead in his pursuit to function in a world that requires him to read well. I look forward to his continued success with this program.
Thank you for making RHelevate available to help those of us in need. We have protected my grandson's self-esteem up to this point and we want him have all the advantages he can to be successful in life.
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